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Last Amended: October, 2019

Overview of changes:

October 2019
Philip Hill
President, Heatherwood Estates Homeowners Association

The following has been added:
The HOA Board may elect at any time to only maintain the percentage of Heatherwood Estates common area property that is equal to the percentage of property owners that are in good standing with the HOA.


May 2, 2018
Philip Hill
President, Heatherwood Estates Homeowners Association

Open Letter to All Property Owners and Residents
Update on HOA Bylaw Changes

HOA dues have been increased to $300 and are due by May 31st. Dues may be paid quarterly.
An escrow account is to be set up for funding repairs to the screening wall.

To all property owners of the Heatherwood Estates Subdivision;

On Monday at the April 30th HOA meeting our members voted to make two changes to the HOA Bylaws.

First, we voted to increase the HOA dues to $300 annually. This increase is way overdue and necessary to fund the neighborhood maintenance and also to fund repairs to the decaying infrastructure. Over the years the HOA has limped along with the available budget with just enough funds to care for the basic landscape maintenance, water, and electric cost. Cash reserves that were available for years to fund emergency issues have slowly dwindled down and as of April 30th are almost depleted. $300 annually is equivalent to paying $25 per month. Your $25 pays for lawn mowing, watering lighting, liability insurance that protects only those in the HOA, and capital improvements needed to prevent more citation threats from the city.

The increase will be used for the basic maintenance and to fund the needed capital projects to remedy issues which are out of compliance with city ordinances.

Capital projects include:

1) Repairing the decaying sprinkler system in the front of the neighborhood. It is leaking so badly that the water has been turned off.
2) At the front entrance, the electrical system and lighting fixtures are broken and the conduit is broken showing bare wire which is a liability of possible injury.
3) The far north island is just dirt! This is out of compliance with city code to have all common areas within a subdivision to have healthy and attractive landscaping.

Second, we voted to establish an escrow account to house and manage monies collected for the screening wall repairs along Rufe Snow. Repairs to the wall are being mandated by the City of Keller and those property owners along the wall are being held responsible for the cost of the repairs. There is over $100,000 in damage at this time that will need to be repaired. The HOA is taking steps to share in that cost since all of us benefit from having a neighborhood that is not in decay. Everyone that has lived in this subdivision for some time knew the day would come when something would have to be done to repair the wall……..That day has arrived!
For those that did not attend the meeting, there is a management document that defines the methodology of collecting monies and distributing those funds as the screening wall is repaired.

The basics are:
1) Letters will be sent to each home to request funding for wall repairs in June or July of each year.
2) Excess HOA funds beyond 6 months of operating budget at fiscal year-end will be moved to the escrow fund (March 31st).
3) Distribution of funds will be made only after approved repairs are made to the wall and only paid to the contractor having done the work.
4) Repair cost will be split 50/50 with property owners along the wall (pending fund availability)
5) Those properties receiving funds to defray costs will have to be current with HOA dues for the current year and the past 5 years. (There is the ability to pay HOA dues that are in arrears and become current)

The complete management methodology document is online containing the updated bylaws for everyone to read, or you may contact me for a copy. The web site is at www.heatherwoodassociation.org.

We are projecting a two or three year cycle of collecting additional funds for the wall repairs before we can expect the excess from the HOA dues to fund future repairs that will surely be needed as time goes on. That wall is not going away! We will be asking for $500 from each property owner to begin the funding. Please look for this letter in late June.

I want to thank all that have already paid the $300 in HOA dues, and some have already paid all or a portion of the $500 for the wall funding. Payment for both of these efforts can be made by check or by credit card.

If paying by check please make checks payable to HEHA:

PO Box 811
Keller TX. 76244

If you would like to contact me directly please send me an email. I will try to get back to everyone to answer your questions.

My email address is pjhill1717@gmail.com

Philip Hill
President, Heatherwood Estates Homeowners Association
May 2, 2018